The Counsel of Peace has made great strides in our efforts to strengthen the position of peace in all human activity, and ultimately throughout the entire global family. This is especially true in our efforts to strengthen the rightful position of every woman, every adolescent female (teen girls), and every female child, particularly in countries where their government officials appear to have failed to recognize that there is a single dominant cause of the erosion of human values. 

Everywhere in this world, human values are nurtured by, and begin within the family unit, and extend outward to the surrounding community and throughout each surrounding society. There are no cultures or people on this planet that will not overwhelmingly acknowledge and testify that from the beginning of time, this nurturing of human values has been, and to this day, continues to be the natural providence and domain of women.  This makes the mental, emotional, and physical abuse that women and children are suffering around the world even more tragic and detrimental to all mankind.

The Secret of the Woman has been Revealed, Enter into the Book of Memorial,


We do not want to suffer anymore. Help promote Love, Peace and Security.

I Have Always Loved You!!

MESSIAH  Restoration act

Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this message shall be preached in the whole world, [there] shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her. Mat 26:13 KJV

Women’s International Ministry of Peace and Security

Support of the family unit underlines the common interest that we have in developing and restoring all of these family and communal values – and with special emphasis on pursuing recognition, equality and protection for women, teenage girls and children; including a robust support for women's political empowerment and involvement in the day-to-day decision-making processes that affect them the most. Women’s International Ministry of Peace and Security will appoint women to assist in all decision-making processes regarding the safety and security, education, politics and government, business and employment, and every other status in the social order, to vastly improve the overall quality of life of every woman, adolescent female (teen girl) and child.] 

The MESSIAH RESTORATION ACT of 2017 was restored within one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days, beginning on the First of the Tenth Month of the Year of Two Thousand and Sixteen as Prophesied by Daniyl.

This is the Order of Melchizedek’s, the Messiah’s Priesthood, continuous work during the One Thousand Year Reign, which is the Seventh Day, the Day of Rest and Sabbath. 

 This ACT is a Commandment and Statute that will be upheld and enforced by the Government of Peace, Counsel of Peace and We the People of the Covenant. - Therefore, shall we keep Yahweh’s commandments, and do them: I AM [is] Yahweh.
Lev 22:31 KJV